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Our definition of database marketing is “the profession of gathering, augmenting, and analyzing all customers information to maximize share and profitability”.

At SMS, our goal has been to provide our customers with fast and easy access to all the information in their database in order to analyze data and take action. This focus has helped establish SMS as the leader in delivering database marketing technology and solutions.

It is SMS’s business to provide solutions that help meet critical database marketing objectives, such as:

  • Increasing revenues
  • Lowering operating expenses
  • Gaining access to customer data
  • Retaining customers
  • Acquiring customers
  • Identifying one’s best customers
  • Addressing customer needs with tailored products and services
  • Enhancing profitability, while satisfying one’s need to sell more products and services

SMS has been in the database management and marketing field since 1982. We use multiple software products for the system development. Our relationship with Experian and Claritas also provides SMS with access to household data that helps augment client databases.

SMS also recognizes that database management and marketing is a continuous process as demonstrated in the following graph.

Our first database management project took place in 1982, and have undertaken multiple projects annually since.

Client Testimonials

SMS did a great job in leading Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s evaluation development process…including identifying input, output and outcome measures to track progress toward HTA’s strategic goals. SMS also provided steps to guide us in integrating the evaluation process into our overall operations and planning. Our staff was actively engaged in the process and tracking the measures will ensure a focus on driving towards outcomes.

— Leslie Dance, former VP Marketing
Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

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