​Facilitation & Retreats

SMS can provide facilitators to ensure that your meetings are more effective and efficient. We focus not only on group dynamics, but also on the desired outcomes for the meetings. SMS can also make all the arrangements for your retreats, making it simple and easy for your team to get away.

SMS provides the following facilitation services:

  • Pre-retreat consultation sessions to review information and work with the appropriate individual(s) to prepare a presentation on customers and their expectations.
  • Individual meetings with key participants in the planning session. [prior to the session]
  • Collaborative design of retreat activities.
  • Group facilitation.
  • Documented notes and outcomes from the retreat.
  • A two-hour debrief after the session to answer questions and offer guidance on follow-up issues.

Additional Services Available:

  • Collect additional information on market conditions and/or customer expectations. For a meaningful plan to be developed it must be based on accurate market conditions and clear understanding of customer expectations.
    If the client does not currently have this information, SMS can collect this information for them.
  • Detailed write up of plan.
Client Testimonials

SMS did a great job in leading Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s evaluation development process…including identifying input, output and outcome measures to track progress toward HTA’s strategic goals. SMS also provided steps to guide us in integrating the evaluation process into our overall operations and planning. Our staff was actively engaged in the process and tracking the measures will ensure a focus on driving towards outcomes.

— Leslie Dance, former VP Marketing
Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

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