​SMS Marketing Planning

Marketing planning focuses directly on customers and their needs and how to best meet those needs in a profitable manner. SMS also provides tools to support better marketing decision making including: Market Segmentation Research; Product Development, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Demand Forecasting, Product Portfolio Strategy and Product Lifecycle.

SMS Marketing Philosophy

The SMS approach to marketing follows a well-defined process outlined in the illustration. The beginning of the process is always sound market information that is integrated into meaningful market intelligence. From there goals, strategies and tactics will be developed. A key element of the process must ensure that the next step and implementation conforms to the strategies and tactics. Too many times, the creative process (if advertising is included in the plan) overwhelms the strategies, and thus the effort is less likely to succeed. Results are tracked and evaluated relative to established goals. Plans are refined to better meet goals in the future.

Client Testimonials

"Crazy Shirts is grateful to the SMS team for all of their outstanding work over the years. From helping to re-launch and re-brand Crazy Shirts to providing valuable research, it is a pleasure to work with their knowledgeable staff."

— Mark R.Hollander, Chief Executive Officer & President
Crazy Shirts

SMS Business Process
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