SMS views branding as a critical factor in the marketing mix of every company. It is the cohesive element that ties the marketing strategy with operations and differentiates a company from its competition while providing added value to customers. A successful branding strategy adds bottom-line value to a company.

SMS believes that all successful brands are developed based on a “Sustainable Competitive Advantage.” Understanding customer trends and needs is the beginning, finding a way to meet those needs in a unique fashion is second and matching that to what a company can provide is the third leg of the process. From this point a creative plan can be developed that delivers on the Branding Strategy.

Client Testimonials

"YMCA of Honolulu is grateful to the SMS team for its outstanding work in helping us better understand the communities we serve and with our strategic planning. It is a pleasure to work with their knowledgeable staff."

— Larry H. Bush, President & CEO
YMCA of Honolulu

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