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SMS continues to provide mock jury services to the legal industry in Hawaii. Over the past 15 years SMS has improved its skills and now provides four- and eight-hour mock jury sessions. These sessions are facilitated by an SMS “Judge”, or in some cases, SMS retains a retired judge to moderate the jury. SMS works with all the leading legal firms in Hawaii in this area.

SMS also provides expert witness work in areas such as brand infringement, employee bias cases, and other legal disputes. SMS works with the legal teams by undertaking the research or statistical analysis that’s needed to provide a sound basis for the expert witness work. The courts have accepted both Mr. James E. Dannemiller and Mr. Hersh Singer as experts.

Client Testimonials

"Crazy Shirts is grateful to the SMS team for all of their outstanding work over the years. From helping to re-launch and re-brand Crazy Shirts to providing valuable research, it is a pleasure to work with their knowledgeable staff."

— Mark R.Hollander, Chief Executive Officer & President
Crazy Shirts

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