Non Profit and Social Service Providers

SMS has been undertaking evaluations, research, and consulting services for not-for-profit and social service agencies in Hawaii for more than 35 years. Working with these organizations, SMS also helps with the development of strategic plans and accountability criteria. These plans are based on quality research, whether measurement of constituency needs or program development based on legislative directions. SMS works with the individual agency teams and boards to ensure that the strategic plans are sound, and then helps develop the appropriate action and implementation programs.

SMS undertakes extensive evaluation work to measure the success of the programs. Measurements include comparisons to the accountability goals for strategic plans and other success measurements. Based on these measurements, SMS and the agency may decide to revisit the strategic goals and modify them as needed.

SMS works with clients such as Hawaii Community Foundation, Na Pua Noeau program for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, YMCA, and others.

Client Testimonials

"Crazy Shirts is grateful to the SMS team for all of their outstanding work over the years. From helping to re-launch and re-brand Crazy Shirts to providing valuable research, it is a pleasure to work with their knowledgeable staff."

— Mark R.Hollander, Chief Executive Officer & President
Crazy Shirts

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