SMS has provided expert research and planning services in the retail market for more than 35 years. SMS has utilized primary research whether through intercept surveys, telephone research, or focus groups to identify unmet consumer needs. SMS has worked with retail centers such as Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Whalers Village, Ka‘ahumanu Center, Windward Mall, and many others in helping them not only how to better understand their customers, but also how to optimize profitability.

SMS works closely with fast food restaurants by undertaking marketing effectiveness surveys, mystery shopping programs, and site analysis work. Our geo code expertise provides a unique perspective on the opportunities provided to such retailers in specific locations. SMS continues to undertake customer satisfaction research for retail customers. Much of this work is currently done through the Web.

Client Testimonials

SMS did a great job in leading Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s evaluation development process…including identifying input, output and outcome measures to track progress toward HTA’s strategic goals. SMS also provided steps to guide us in integrating the evaluation process into our overall operations and planning. Our staff was actively engaged in the process and tracking the measures will ensure a focus on driving towards outcomes.

— Leslie Dance, former VP Marketing
Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

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