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Most research conducted by SMS has been for the visitor industry. We provide information to private corporations and government agencies that are the leaders in the visitor industry. We are proud to have participated in the development of the visitor expenditure series, the refinement of visitor departure surveys, and to have been the original supplier for the Domestic Basic Data Series and the Domestic Expenditure Series (VES) in 1996. We were the vendor for the VSAT survey between 1996 and 2002 and have conducted the Kauai Visitor Survey since 1999. We have also conducted visitor satisfaction surveys for hotels, rental car companies, airlines, and attractions, and have lengthy experience with customer satisfaction studies outside of the visitor industry.

SMS undertakes both quantitative and qualitative studies among visitors from all destinations. SMS has helped many providers of visitor services from retailers such as Maui Divers Jewelry, Whalers Village, Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, and Crazy Shirts, to visitor attractions such as Polynesian Cultural Center. We have helped these and other organizations in fine-tuning product ranges, pricing, and measurement of advertising effectiveness. SMS has also helped many of these organizations in their strategic planning and market planning, utilizing the intelligence gathered through these primary research services.

Client Testimonials

"HGEA is grateful to the SMS team for its outstanding work in helping us better understand and serve our members. It is a pleasure to work with their knowledgeable staff."

— Randy Perreira, Deputy Executive Director
Hawai'i Government Employees Association

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