March 27th, 2018

SMS announces the formation of SMS Tourism Intelligence Division

Tourists on the beach in Hawaii

Honolulu, HI – SMS Research & Marketing Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of a new division - the SMS Tourism Intelligence Division will provide actionable, integrated, and strategic tourism industry insights to clients in Hawai‘i and across the globe.

Led by Mr. Daniel K. Nāho‘opi‘i, former Director of Tourism Research for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority and supported by Mr. James E. Dannemiller – two tourism industry veterans with more than 65 years of combined experience. This division will respond to clients’ needs utilizing proprietary SMS data, as well as customer analytics and secondary data sources.

While SMS has been recognized for more than 50 years as the leading marketing research company, SMS has also excelled in planning, analyzing, and evaluating numerous projects in health, community needs, and socio-economic impacts. Across these years, SMS has developed a unique expertise to address tourism marketing from multiple perspectives. SMS has created effective strategic plans, that are guided by actionable metrics, to optimize clients’ assets, while avoiding the public relations pitfalls of negative resident sentiment and cultural misappropriation.

“We have access to a wealth of information that can provide powerful and meaningful insights to our visitor industry clients — what has been lacking is interpretation of the data to support and track tourism-focused marketing strategies. Daniel’s and my experience in analyzing the tourism industry will provide such intelligence, efficiently and economically,” said Mr. Dannemiller. “Tourism is a dynamic industry undergoing a major transformation, opening opportunities to develop innovative strategic solutions to address this new direction,” said Mr. Nāho‘opi‘i.

The new division will provide custom in-depth data analysis as well as work with SMS Consulting to provide strategic planning and consulting services. It will be located at the Honolulu offices of SMS Research & Marketing Services, Inc.

Client Testimonials

SMS did a great job in leading Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s evaluation development process…including identifying input, output and outcome measures to track progress toward HTA’s strategic goals. SMS also provided steps to guide us in integrating the evaluation process into our overall operations and planning. Our staff was actively engaged in the process and tracking the measures will ensure a focus on driving towards outcomes.

— Leslie Dance, former VP Marketing
Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

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