In just a month, a decline in residents who believe Hawai‘i government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic is headed in the right direction

According to our second SMS Community Pulse Survey, fewer than 50 percent of Hawai‘i residents think Hawai‘i government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic is headed in the “right direction”, down 15 percent from the May poll. Younger residents (ages 18 to 34 ) are more concerned, with 32 percent thinking we are going in the right direction compared to 82 percent of age 75 or older residents. A possible cause may be the spike in cases that occurred in Hawai‘i beginning in June as shown in the following Department of Health data. The blue lines show the survey fielding periods.

A larger number of Hawai‘i residents think the coronavirus situation in Hawai‘i is “still getting worse” – from 7 percent in May to 31 percent in June. Fewer residents feel the situation is “slowly getting better.” Forty-one percent of the 18 to 34 age group feel things are still getting worse as compared to 28 percent of the 75 years or older aged residents.

There has been no change to how worried Hawai‘i residents are about their personal safety. A third of Hawai‘i residents continue to feel very worried and 40 percent are somewhat worried.

Seventy-one percent of Hawai‘i residents continue to feel that the pandemic has affected or disrupted their life a great deal or a fair amount.

The SMS Community Pulse Survey was first conducted from May 5 to May 10 and then from June 11 to June 17. Both polls were statewide through a panel of Hawai‘i residents. A total of 402 surveys were completed in May and 401 in the June poll. A probability sample of this size would have a sampling error estimate of +/-5 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level. Data were balanced to reflect the adult population of the state using the 2018 U.S Census data.

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— Randy Perreira, Executive Director
Hawai'i Government Employees Association

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