The SMS Call Center Facility

The SMS Call Center facility is located inside our Honolulu office, and has 24 stations that are staffed by more than 60 professionally trained interviewers.

SMS also has the software required to complete this work successfully. The SMS Call Center runs Dell Pentium 4 PCs with Windows NT on all 22 stations with an extra monitoring station for the supervisor, and a monitoring station for the Manager to oversee work of supervisors. SMS has the external monitoring capabilities and will provide client management with full monitoring of our work quality.

SMS has Dell computers with Duoset 2 headsets, which connect to Plantronics filtering boxes that go through telephone lines. The monitoring system is connected to each station so the monitor can see and hear everything that is being done at each station.

The file server has more than 550+ MHZ processor with 256+ Mbytes of memory Hard Drive with 400 Mbytes of free space or more as needed per study. The file server and each station are on their own Pentium 4 PCs running Windows NT with 20 Mbytes of free space for each of the 22 stations, plus one for the monitoring station.

This system is Ci3 for Windows Version 4.0 and is converted using the WinCati Convert program which converts WinCati 4.1. Monitoring is available from the main station.

The WinCati study specifications and samples are stored in Sybase SQL Anywhere database. The Sybase SQL Anywhere database is made up of tables that contain the raw database information arranged in records and fields. The SQL uses a DB extension to store a database. This is stored in the database engine so it is not accessed for all users

(808) 537-3356

Have you been contacted for an SMS telephone or online survey and wonder if it’s legitimate? You should know that SMS Hawai'i is a respected socioeconomic research company. We conduct surveys for the State of Hawai'i, local government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

SMS surveys use the number (808) 537-3356 for outbound calling and (877) 535-5767 for callbacks. We are not telemarketers, and we will never try to sell you anything.

Our surveys are a chance to share your views on important issues in your community. We only want one thing: your opinion.

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