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SMS Hawaii Focus Group Facility. Stream Focus Group Remotely.

Don't guess when you can ask. Get feedback from your target audience that makes a difference.

With so much in flux in the world with rising inflation, a lingering pandemic, and supply-chain challenges worldwide, it's now more important than ever to connect with your customer to ensure that your product or service is on the right trajectory.

At SMS Hawai'i, we take care of all your needs in one place using the latest technologies when and where it makes sense. Whether you need just one focus group to establish a baseline or the management of year-round connect points with customers, focus groups allow you to identify emerging trends and extrapolate meanings from actual in-depth conversations with your target audience.

  • We have a dedicated focus group facility at our downtown Honolulu office. Join the focus group discussion remotely or in person in our private client viewing room.
  • SMS Hawai'i can also conduct focus groups online or through mobile-based chat sessions in which users in any location can type their responses in real-time.

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