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As a full-service, Hawaii-based market research company, SMS administers qualitative and quantitative surveys by web and mobile, email, telephone, direct-mail or through in-person intercept surveys. The recommended method depends on the client's objectives and the availability of contact information for the appropriate sample. In some cases SMS may recommend more than one method be used.

Web, Mobile, and Email Surveys

Surveys served through the web or mobile devices, and/or via email are ideal when there is an established base of information from the target audience. For the most part, surveys administered digitally can be done faster, for less money, and offer the flexibility of gathering feedback on visual factors.

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys are the most widely used method of collecting information because of the flexibility they offer in screening respondents, survey design, relative cost, timely completion, and the availability of telephone numbers from which random samples can be drawn. SMS conducts its calling from the SMS Call Center in Honolulu using the latest Sawtooth technology.

Direct Mail Surveys

Mail surveys are generally conducted with a base of customers or members, when respondents are older, speak a foreign language, or when the serve requires more time for the respondent to consider their responses.

The mail survey process requires more time due to mailing out of the survey and waiting for responses. Once returned, SMS scans and reviews all surveys in our specialized scanning facility. As the demographic mix of respondents moves from preferring mail surveys to web-based surveys, SMS will frequently offer respondents the option of returning a paper survey or completing the survey on the web.

Intercept Surveys

Intercept surveys are more common when potential respondents are located at a specific geographic location or an interaction is required, such as visitors to Waikiki, shoppers at a Mall, or "gamers" asked to try out new games. Here again reliable results depend on a rigorous sampling routine; quality, trained interviewers who are monitored; and a survey that suits the time respondents have available.

Multi-Mode Projects

Multi-Mode Projects are becoming more prevalent as a means to maximize response rates. These projects often begin with a mail survey followed up by a telephone survey. SMS has the expertise to manage the challenges of presenting clients with accurate results generated from two or more data collection methods.

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