Hawai'i IT Workforce Needs Analysis

Understanding Hawaii's IT Workforce Needs and Preparing Students and Residents for Employability in IT-Related Fields

The University of Hawai'i, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Hawai'i, released the results of the IT Workforce Needs Analysis conducted by SMS Research with support from the UH Community Colleges and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. The study examined current and future gaps between the supply and demand of the state's information technology workforce. The findings of the study will inform education and training programs, including K-12, UH and statewide programs, with the goal of preparing local students to successfully compete for in-demand IT and cybersecurity jobs in Hawai'i. This report aims to understand Hawaii's IT workforce needs and how well the state meets those needs, in order to better prepare the state's students and residents for employability in IT-related fields in Hawai'i and support workforce diversification and an innovation economy.

>Download the IT Workforce Needs Report at Hawai'i Executive Collaborative

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