Strategic Planning

This type of planning process focuses a whole organization two or three years down the road and ensures that everyone is heading in the same direction based on a solid foundation of intelligence about the markets, competition, and customers. SMS provides clients with the information they need to develop their plan, facilitation services to bring client teams together to chart the future, and planning skills to write the plan with follow-up action steps.

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Marketing Planning

Marketing planning focuses directly on customers and their needs and how to best meet those needs in a profitable manner. SMS also provides tools to support better marketing decision making including: Market Segmentation Research; Product Development; Customer Satisfaction; Brand Marketing; Pricing Strategy; Demand Forecasting; Product Portfolio Strategy; and Product Lifecycle.

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Every planning cycle should have an evaluation stage, where plan projections are compared with actual results and adjustments made as necessary to the plans for the following year. For non-profits the evaluation process is frequently more challenging because "bottom-line results" are much less tangible.

SMS works with non-profits in a logic-model approach to assist in clearly identifying what they want to achieve and how best to measure progress.

There are varying approaches and labels within logic models, however the basic steps are shown below:1

The reason a logic model approach is so valuable is that it clearly shows how programs and communities are inextricably connected and how one impacts the other.

SMS provides the following evaluation processes for our clients. Clients may prefer to have SMS undertake all steps or just a couple:

  1. Design an appropriate logic model for their program and the process to refine the model over time.
  2. Develop tools to measure outputs and outcomes.
  3. Develop and implement the process of data collection.
  4. Compile and analyze the results.
  5. Develop and present annual reports on the progress of the program toward meeting its stated outcomes.

[1] The University of Wisconsin Program Development and Evaluation,

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Facilitation & Retreats

SMS can provide facilitators to ensure that your meetings are more effective and efficient. We focus not only on group dynamics, but also on the desired outcomes for the meetings. SMS can also make all the arrangements for your retreats, making it simple and easy for your team to get away.

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Client Testimonials

"Crazy Shirts is grateful to the SMS team for all of their outstanding work over the years. From helping to re-launch and re-brand Crazy Shirts to providing valuable research, it is a pleasure to work with their knowledgeable staff."

— Mark R.Hollander, Chief Executive Officer & President
Crazy Shirts

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