Client achieves goals in the most efficient and effective manner.


Providing skilled implementation with built-in measurements.


Integrating intelligence with client goals leads to superior strategies.


Providing superior analysis converts data to actionable intelligence


Knowing what data to collect and gathering it accurately.

It's a Mobile World Now

Do you need to include cell phone research in your surveys? SMS has the data.

Know Thy Mouse...

Understand your target market through accurate data. SMS can help you reach customers more efficiently!

Don't Just "Stay Afloat"

Do you know the two major ways to sustain your business in a struggling economy? SMS can help you!

New Location?

How to ensure that when you build it, they will come. SMS has the answers!

Mock Juries

Mock Juries have helped many legal teams in Hawai'i. SMS helps lawyers succeed!

Customer Satisfaction

Maximize customer retention through low cost customer satisfaction research. SMS is here to help!

Multi-Mode Surveys

SMS knows how to use every data collection process and how to combine them accurately. SMS can help you!

SMS is Hiring!

We hire and train you to be the best in your field.
A career with SMS translates to success!

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