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Delivering trusted market research and insight to Hawai'i since 1960

Research, Strategy, and Impact

At SMS Hawai'i, we combine data-gathering expertise with deep local knowledge of the islands, generating high-quality data and transforming it into actionable insight.

That's why we've been Hawai'i's leading market research and consulting firm since 1960. Whether conducting surveys, leading socio-economic studies, developing action plans, or running program evaluations, SMS Hawai'i is your partner for data-driven solutions throughout the Hawaiian Islands and across the Indo-Pacific region.


As a full-service market research company based in Hawai'i, we conduct qualitative and quantitative studies by the web,...

Focus Groups

Don't guess, when you can ask. Get feedback that makes a difference in just a few hours.

Strategic Planning

SMS works with you to plan for and develop a customer-oriented, market-based strategic plan.

Socio-economic Studies

SMS specializes in economic, social and agricultural assessments. We are particularly active in Social Impact Assessments...

Get a call from (808) 537-3356?

Have you been contacted for an SMS telephone or online survey and wonder if it’s legitimate? You should know that SMS...

Tourism Intelligence Lab

We have access to a wealth of information that can provide powerful and meaningful insights to our visitor industry clients...

Recent News and Articles

Hawai'i Department of Health Telephone Survey In Progress

We only want one thing: your opinion. Results from this survey are used to improve programs that we hope will lead to better health for the people of Hawai'i.

SMS Hawai'i: Community Pulse Survey Results

SMS Research: Hawai'i IT Workforce Needs Analysis

The study looked at current and future gaps between information technology workforce supply and demand. Results will inform education and training programs, including K–12, UH and statewide programs, with the goal of preparing local students to successfully compete for in-demand IT and cybersecurity jobs in Hawaiʻi.

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