[Download Report] The State of Food Insecurity in Hawai‘i

In Partnership with the Hawai‘i Food Bank

The State of Food Insecurity in Hawai'i

Food insecurity impacts too many in our island communities. To develop effective solutions, we must first understand the issue at a deeper local level.

That's why Hawai'i Foodbank commissioned the comprehensive report "The State of Food Insecurity in Hawai'i" - the first of its kind using the validated US Household Food Security Survey Module to evaluate food insecurity across the state.

The findings are eye-opening, with 30% of households experiencing food insecurity in Hawai'i. This report provides critical data to inform programs and policies aimed at improving food access.

SMS Research is proud to have conducted the data collection portion of this important study, surveying households statewide to gather insights. As a local market research firm, we believe in using rigorous research to create positive change.

Download the full report at the link to learn more about the state of food insecurity in Hawai'i and opportunities for collaborative solutions.

> Download the Hawai'i Food Bank Executive Summary: The State of Food Insecurity in Hawai'i
> Read the Full Report at Hawai'i Food Bank

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