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Clients turn to us when they need studies to build credibility and trust, identify and examine current insights, and deliver strategic foresight to understand future implications. As a full-service, independently owned research firm in Honolulu, SMS Hawai'i offers extensive market research capabilities, a multidisciplinary team with advanced academic and business expertise, and deep local knowledge of Hawai'i politically, culturally, and corporately.

Studies We Offer

SMS Hawai'i conducts a wide variety of socioeconomic studies and impact assessments. These include:

Economic Impact Studies (EIS)

An EIS identifies the economic contribution that an organization, new project, or development makes to the community. These assessments take into account not only direct impact, such as employment base, payroll, and other resources directly invested in the community, but also indirect impacts, including the economic benefits of local services and supply chain activity, as well as induced impact, or the economic activity generated by employees.

Social Impact Studies (SIA)

SIAs identify and assess how major developments and programs might affect different populations, groups, and settlements. SMS Hawaii has more than 30 years of experience working on SIAs and navigating the governmental approval process and local project management requirements. We frequently conduct these assessments in conjunction with Environmental Impact Studies for the State of Hawaii. Areas of our expertise include SIAs for:

  • Residential Housing
  • Resort Developments
  • Public Works Projects
  • Transportation Projects
Tourism Studies

SMS Hawai'i has more than 50 years of experience gathering data and assessing tourism in Hawaii and across the Pacific Rim. We collect both quantitative and qualitative data to identify trends, assess tourism impacts and benefits, and establish performance measurements and benchmarks to understand an industry in flux.

We are also at the forefront of studies to support destination management programs, gathering insights and data from a variety of stakeholders to guide responsible tourism practices now and in the future.
> Learn more about our Tourism Intelligence Lab

Some of our ongoing work:

> [Case Study] AIANTA Tourism Study
> SMS Research to conduct feasibility study of Electric Seaglider Transportation Network in State of Hawai'i
> AIANTA & SMS Research Cement Agreement to Conduct Comprehensive Tourism Planning Study
> Economic Impact of U.S. Indigenous Tourism Business
> Guam Housing Study & Needs Assessment
> Hawai'i Housing Planning Study

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