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What you need to know about an industry in flux

Tourism is a dynamic industry undergoing a major transformation. As covid travel restrictions relax, many island destinations - from Hawai'i to Greenland - are using this 'reset' to recalibrate and align themselves to the values that resonate within that tourist destination.

Now more than ever it's essential to connect with the people - residents, tourists, the workforce, and employers - to collect rich data, discover momentum trends, and establish new performance measurements that deliver real meaning and value for a given destination.

Power strategic thinking with SMS Research Intelligence

We partner with you and your team to analyze, monitor, and manage tourism intelligence for your project's life cycle, from front-end design and data collection to analyses, visualizations, and in-depth reporting, to providing essential local environmental and cultural context. Assessment completions vary depending on your goals and span from a few months to an ongoing generative process lasting multiple years.

  • Tourism Strategic Planning
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Community Impact Studies
  • Asset Allocation Models
  • Event Evaluation
  • Ad Effectiveness/ROI Studies

> [Case Study] AIANTA Tourism Study

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