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What you need to know about an industry in flux

Tourism is a dynamic industry undergoing a major transformation. As covid travel restrictions relax, many island destinations - from Hawai'i to Greenland - are using this 'reset' to recalibrate and align themselves to the values that resonate within that tourist destination.

Now more than ever it's essential to connect with the people - residents, tourists, the workforce, and employers - to collect rich data, discover momentum trends, and establish new performance measurements that deliver real meaning and value for a given destination.

Power strategic thinking with SMS Research Intelligence

Our Tourism Intelligence Lab is led by Daniel Naho‘opi‘i, who served as director of tourism research at the Hawai'i Tourism Authority for more than a decade and is the current board chair of the International Travel and Tourism Research Association.

We partner with you and your team to analyze, monitor, and manage tourism intelligence for your project's life cycle, from front-end design and data collection to analyses, visualizations, and in-depth reporting, to providing essential local environmental and cultural context. Assessment completions vary depending on your goals and span from a few months to an ongoing generative process lasting multiple years.

  • Tourism Strategic Planning
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Community Impact Studies
  • Asset Allocation Models
  • Event Evaluation
  • Ad Effectiveness/ROI Studies

> [Case Study] AIANTA Tourism Study

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