Market Research Services

Stay on the pulse of what people think, feel and do.

Market Research Services

As a full-service quantitative and qualitative research fieldwork firm in Honolulu, SMS Hawai'i provides high-quality data collection, opinion mining, and sentiment analysis services to clients in Hawai’i and throughout the Pacific. Across a wide variety of industries, clients leverage our findings to inform research and development, business strategy, and marketing.

Reliable Information to Drive Decisions

Whether you’re embarking on an exploratory study to understand a problem, or generative research to dive deeper in search of untapped opportunities, getting high-quality data is key.

The rise of AI-driven online survey tools has made cheap, DIY research a tempting alternative for business owners. Unfortunately, these simplistic, poorly designed surveys often yield incomplete or misleading results.

At SMS Hawai'i, we employ gold-standard research methodologies to make sure you’re getting the best possible data on which to base your decisions.

These include:

  • Front-end survey design with your goals in mind
  • Identifying your niche audience, or tapping our diverse panel of dedicated, Hawaii-based survey takers
  • Selecting the right data-collection method for your questions
  • Developing a sampling plan
  • Formulating precise questions and framing them with the right context
  • Determining the best atmosphere to approach survey-takers
  • Securely processing and storing collected data
  • Providing analysis to explain results and identify actionable insights

Treating Your Data as an Asset

As data professionals, we know that the information you’ve already collected about your business, market, customers, and sales has value — even if you don’t know what to do with it. While we collect data through surveys and other tools, we also work with clients to understand the data they already have.

SMS can help your organization figure out what data you have and where it's located, analyze it to make it actionable, and protect it so that it remains private, secure, and accessible.

Why SMS?

Our clients choose us because they don’t want snap judgments or quick fixes. We’re known for delivering data that are verifiable and statistically sound, following best practices for data integrity, security, and privacy. And as an independent, locally owned and kama’aina-led firm, we know how to talk to Hawai’i residents and build trust, so that people give us their honest opinions.

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Some of our ongoing work

> 2023 Hawai'i Housing Study Survey
> University of Hawai'i Strategic Plan Survey
> State of Hawai'i Department of Health
> Community Pulse Surveys

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