Telephone Surveys

Onsite Call Center Facility, Trained Local Interviewers, and CATI Software

Stay on the pulse of what people think, feel and do.

In a world of uncertainty and complexity, it's now more important than ever to connect with your customer to ensure that your product or service is on the right trajectory so you can continue flourishing in a time of change.

Telephone surveys are one method used, often in conjunction with other methods, in collecting data from the general population or a specific target population, and conducted by trained interviewers.

To this day, telephone surveys - especially on island communities - generate some of the best response rates out of all the survey methods.

  • Conduct a large number of interviews in a short amount of time
  • Preserves the highest level of anonymity and confidentiality for respondents
  • Access your hardest-to-reach audiences
  • Greater potential to get unbiased responses

At SMS, we're driven to help you find answers.

  • Our onsite call center facility is located in our downtown Honolulu office and can operate 7 days a week.
  • We do not outsource our interviewer positions. Our dedicated telephone interviewers are local residents.
  • SMS telephone interviewers are provided with extensive and continuous formal training to ensure the data collected is accurate and conducted with the aloha spirit.
  • To increase data processing time, we utilize state and federally compliant technologies such as computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) software.
  • Multilingual surveys can also be conducted.

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