West O'ahu Workforce Analysis

Comprehensive analysis and strategic pathways to enhance workforce development in West Oʻahu

West Oʻahu, a distinct region encompassing Waiʻanae, Kapolei, and Ewa Beach, presents a landscape of both promise and challenges in the realm of employment opportunities.

While brimming with potential, the region also grapples with specific issues, especially in Waiʻanae, characterized by:

  • a substantial Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander population,
  • higher rates of homelessness and unemployment,
  • and lower levels of educational attainment compared to the rest of Oʻahu.

Median worker earnings in Waiʻanae fall below the ALICE Household Survival Budget for a single adult in Hawaiʻi, underlining the pressing need to bolster job prospects and income opportunities, ideally within the community itself.

The report outlines the importance of investing in priority training programs, highlights key industries with potential for high earning, and identifies the need to improve awareness of available programs and resources among residents. Furthermore, it emphasizes the necessity to increase access to training facilities and resources and calls for enhanced collaboration between various stakeholders in the region.

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