Hawai‘i Businesses Collaborate on Workforce through Sector Partnerships

400 Hawai‘i Businesses Collaborate on Workforce through Sector Partnerships

From the Chamber of Commerce Of Hawai‘i Newsletter

More than 400 Hawai‘i businesses met this Fall in a series of Sector Partnership meetings designed to grow our local healthcare, engineering, IT, clean energy and creative industries talent pipelines. These industry-specific employer collaboratives are more important than ever as we work to connect kama‘aina to living wage jobs that provide economic opportunity and mobility, enabling young people to see a future for themselves thriving in Hawai‘i.

Sector Partnerships bring industry leaders together around a set of shared priorities, resulting in collective action that addresses workforce opportunities. Current priorities include career awareness, internships and training opportunities, aligning education with industry needs, increasing women in STEM, and math readiness.

Industry leaders are supported by partners in secondary and post-secondary education, government, workforce development and economic development. All work together to build career pathways for students that provide a sequence of high-quality work-based learning.

The Chamber of Commerce Hawai‘i works closely with Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i, Creative Industries Division (DBEDT), Hawai‘i State Energy Office (DBEDT), and SMS Research to lead this effort. This grant-funded work is made possible by Hawai‘i State Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, Stupski Foundation, University of Hawai‘i and Good Jobs Hawai‘i.

Learn more about Hawai'i's Sector Partnerships.

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